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SCORE research
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This describes the score research and is available to the general public
Special Edition of IMechE Journal of heat and powerNew
by Score Web Site Admin (Paul)
 12/11/2013 14:00
The Special edition is now published
and contains 7 Score papers.
The Gurkhas test out new clean cooker 18 July 2013, BBC News.New
by Score Web Site Admin (Paul)
 04/08/2013 15:22
Score-Stove™1 installed in Zambia.New
by Score Web Site Admin (Paul)
 31/01/2013 20:55
Based on the excellent work done in Kenya by Practical Action. Chris Hansford has improved and implemented a Score-Stove™1 in Zambia. See the installation manual here:
Score Research SummaryNew
by Score Web Site Admin (Paul)
 28/01/2013 14:21
The Score project aims to improve the life of over 60 Million people in developing countries. It started as a £2M research consortium, to significantly improve health, quality of life, economic growth and social and educational opportunities, and thus...
BUET Score-Stove™ cooks its first meal.New
by Score Web Site Admin (Paul)
 23/01/2013 16:19

On the 17th December 2012, a Score-Stove™ at the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology cooked its first meal of eggs whilst generating electricity. Two days later rice was also successfully cooked.
Picture here: http://www.score.uk.com/research/Scorepics/BUETdec2012firstScore-Stove_meal_cooked.jpg...

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16/05/2007 00:00
  Visit to Los AlamosNew
Artur, Chris and Paul will visit Scott at Los Alamos to see a working Thermo Acoustic engine.
27/10/2007 00:00
  Visit to NepalNew
Paul Riley is visiting Nepal.
13/12/2007 19:00
  Equalisation of Understanding eventNew
14/01/2008 00:00
  Paul Riley to visit Southern AfricaNew
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